Serious merchants.

Partner and build relationships with merchants that understand the impact and importance of referral marketing.

Only established merchants that have large product offerings, who are dedicated to building productive partnerships with you, are allowed on the network.

A platform that enables ideas.

The best ideas can come from anyone.

With the AvantLink App Market, development-savvy types can turn their ideas for new marketing tools into a reality and make them available to the entire network.

Did we mention that you get a revenue share?

Data. A lot of data. In real-time.

Everything you’ve come to expect plus a whole lot more. Our data provides details that help increase your revenues. Product level reporting allows you to see what products are performing on your site enabling superior content optimization and our tracking makes sure you get credit for it.

Still just using banner ads?

Our robust suite of tools enables you to easily and powerfully advertise down to a product-level.

Streamline advertising efforts and save time. Here’s a taste of how.

Product-Level Tools

Advertise in new, targeted ways with our cutting-edge suite of tools.

Robust Reporting

See sales instantly, right when they happen – not in hours or days.

Powerful API

Build your own tools on our best-in-industry API.

Paid Placement

Create a new revenue channel and sell your ad spots to merchants.

Dynamic Deals

Get active sales, coupons and promotions.

Affiliate Link Encoder

Convert all of your links to referral links, automatically.

Custom Tracking

Easily add custom tracking links to any page in seconds.

App Market

Grow your toolset by using third party tools. Or build your own.